Let's focus on the 14,136-square-foot day-care center for 120 children (plus a staff of about 30) that Nagi insists on including in his housing project. I happened to be conversing with him in front of his store a couple of days ago (that's a story in itself), and he asked, "What's wrong with the day-care? The day-care is for the children!"

No...the day-care is for Nagi, as is his entire housing project. It's certainly not there for our neighborhood. I was just informed by someone in the field that many day-care centers in Stamford are under capacity, and that some are even laying off staff. (After all, it costs around $1,200 per month to enroll a child in day-care. With the economy in a prolonged tailspin, many mothers who have lost their jobs are obviously staying home and caring for their children themselves.)

So exactly why is there a day-care center in this application? Because Nagi is trying to sweeten the pill of commercial development! (Who is going to argue with caring for children?) But this is a poison pill! Putting these children next to a major artery like High Ridge Road is putting them in danger! While having a day-care on slower secondary roads is safer, having one on High Ridge Road is a disaster waiting to happen. Nagi's traffic expert himself admitted that over 30,000 cars travel this road every day. And we know that, whenever our traffic is not bumper-to-bumper, it is often traveling well in excess of the 40 MPH speed limit. What will happen when a toddler unfamiliar with the area wanders out of Nagi's day-care center and onto High Ridge Road? Who is going to be held responsible for such a tragedy? Will Nagi be held responsible for opening the day-care center? Will the Zoning Board members be held responsible for allowing it to be opened? No one has been able to answer this important question.

A similar liability arises from placing the day-care center under 10 rental apartment units. Not every sex offender is registered. Who will be responsible if one happens to move into one of Nagi's apartments with a "day-care-view?"

As for the number of day-care centers in the area: the minutes of the Zoning Board's 9/26/11 public hearing contain the following statement:

"Mr. Leydon [i.e., Nagi's attorney] further described the day care building as day care on the ground floor and apartments on the second and added that the closest day care is on Roxbury Road."

Roxbury Road? Really? I already dealt with this fallacy in Flyer #3, but let's elaborate on it. Here's a link to a PDF version of Stamford's licensed day-care centers as of March 2011:

City Day-Care Listing

Using this list, I counted 29 licensed day-care centers (coded "DCC") in the city, with around 12 being at least as close to High Ridge Road as is the center on Roxbury Road. Perhaps one of you could call these day-care centers (their phone numbers are included) and ask if they have room to accept your child. If you do, please let me know your results via 

(I hope to publish more about Nagi-Care. But--as Nagi will attest--I have been busy spreading the word about the public hearing on Thursday November 10th....)